Repair, maintain bandshell

Langford Park has lovely green spaces that, in addition to the 4th of July celebration, are well used throughout the year by many local groups from small family reunions, graduations, winter sports events, scout activities, birthday parties, school fund raisers, weddings, to activities for the Tibetans. I feel Langford Park offers great space for these local uses and am glad it can be so enjoyed.

What I’ve heard of the [bandstand] proposal by the 4th in the Park Committee is for an expansion of at least twice the current footprint that would allow seating for a band or orchestra, as well as renting to outside groups for various events, to the tune of $200,000-$400,000. If this is true, I am definitely opposed to such development for the following reasons:

• This amount of money could be better allocated for other uses such as renovating and maintaining the current band shell, providing more educational and recreational programs, maintaining the Rec Center, which currently is in need of repairs, and as I understand it, the landscaping promised after the school addition was completed has not been finished.

• As far as concert space, the Como Pavilion was developed for and is well used for just this kind of entertainment – do we need two places within a few miles of each other?

• We need to preserve our trees and green spaces for so very many reasons, from quality of life, providing habitat for raptors and other birds, to reducing atmospheric carbon, and lowering the heat index, to name just a few.

• As an almost life-long resident of SAP, I feel we should be good stewards of this fine gift from Horace Cleveland and recognize its value as an historic, albeit small, yet unique landmark for our neighborhood. The band shell needs maintenance and handicap accessibility, but should be preserved, not razed, nor redesigned or enlarged several times its current size.

• Expanding the band shell will simply change the character of our park, and it was created for this entire community to enjoy. Renting to outside groups takes away from its intended use and overall quiet and peaceful appeal.

—Margot Monson, St. Anthony Park

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