Road detours and giving thanks 


By Scott Carlson 

Retailers in St. Anthony Park’s downtown district rejoiced and gave thanks when their stretch of Como Avenue reopened at the end of October, after many weeks of being closed for repaving. 

For merchants and their loyal customers, it was a summer of inconvenience and plenty of road detours. 

In a way, those “road closed’’ and “road detour” signs were analogous to life. We frequently encounter detours in our lives that seem or are annoying. We all struggle and face hardship at one time or another, 

Sometimes the hardships are catastrophic. Like what has befallen the people of Paradise and Malibu, California who have had their communities decimated by wild fires. 

Other times the “bumps in the road” are relatively minor but nevertheless still aggravating and perhaps costly. But quite often and maybe even most of the time, the detours and speed bumps and struggles help remind us how good life is usually. When life gets back to normal, we get an opportunity to reflect and give thanks. 

Such is the case for Sandra Weise, Finnish Bistro Coffee & Café owner who has weathered two summers of road construction on Como Avenue. 

 “Thank you to the neighborhood, because without their support, I don’t know if we could have made it,” Weise told the Bugle, noting that neighbors organized during the construction period to make sure her coffee and café had plenty of business. 

From the neighborhood level all the way up to the national scene, we all have much to be thankful for. Despite the view of some people, America is still a great country.

Here at the Bugle, we also have plenty of reason to give thanks. We are in the midst of our annual fund appeal; to date we are slightly past the halfway point of raising $52,000.  

Reaching our donors’ goal is vitally important as the Bugle is facing growing financial pressure. Our operating costs keep rising while advertising sales revenue covers just 60 percent of our expenses for personnel, production and distribution.

Again, if you have already donated to the Bugle, we heartily thank you. And if you have not donated, please join your neighbors who are financial supporters. You can donate online at Click the green DONATE button at the top of the page. Or send a check to:  Park Bugle, P.O. Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108.


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