Rosann supports the Bugle and here’s why

Rosann Cahill, co-chairperson of the Park Bugle, shares why she supports the Bugle, as we conduct our annual fall fund drive: 

How do you connect with the local community?

I connect with neighbors daily through ‘over the fence’ conversations and frequent potlucks and happy hours.

I love the chats and information sharing on politics, house maintenance and garden tips. Daily walks within the neighborhood are an important way I stay connected.

During COVID in particular, our street made many concerted efforts to come together outside to talk, listen to music, and share a glass of wine. It was at this time that we deepened some of those friendships. I feel an equal affinity to our local business, too.

What does the Bugle mean to you?

When my wife and I first moved to SAP we were looking for ways to learn about the community. I wanted to know what stores were here, what restaurants to go to and learn about services we might need. Through the Bugle we discovered Speedy and the Bistro, our snow removal service, and where to get a picture framed — we grew to depend on the news and information each month. Now nine years later we are still learning something new in the Bugle about the neighborhood and the interesting people who live here.

What would you say to encourage people to support the Bugle?

Across the country community newspapers are closing at a rapid pace. We are so lucky to have a healthy, thriving newspaper dedicated to our neighborhoods of St. Anthony Park, Lauderdale and Falcon Heights. It has been a critical tool in staying aware and connected to this amazing community. It’s worth supporting!

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