Russell Charles Swanson, 76, of San Martin, Calif., died March 9, 2021. Russ was born on Aug. 28, 1944, in Fargo, N.D. He grew up in St. Anthony Park, where he attended Murray High School and was an AAU swimming champion and studied forestry at the U of M. Later he studied aeronautics at San Jose State University.

He served in the Navy, worked as a manufacturing engineer in California and drove for Knight Transportation.

Russ was preceded in death by his mother Florence Swanson, his father Raymond Swanson and brothers Raymond, Jr. and William. He is survived by his son Michael Swanson; daughter-in-law Amanda McClintock; and one granddaughter of Manhattan Beach, Calif.; sister Margaret (aka Britt) Cryer and brother-in-law David Cryer of Teaneck, N.J.; sister-in-law Carol Swanson of Stillwater; and sister-in-law Lynda Swanson of Daly City, Calif.

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