SAP Community Foundation seeks new board members

By Julie Drechsler

The St. Anthony Park Community Foundation, whose mission is to build a vibrant neighborhood for future generations, is seeking new board members.

Anyone who lives and/or works in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood can serve on the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation Board or be a member of one of its committees.

If you are interested in learning more about the foundation, board membership and how you can support the community, please contact executive director Julie Drechsler at

The SAP Community Foundation Board meets every two months and supports initiatives, organizations and activities in north and south St. Anthony Park through, among other things, assembling partnerships and dispensing grants.

The foundation’s outreach includes working with and supporting the District 12 Community Council, 1666 Coffman, the University of Minnesota-St. Paul campus and the Fulham block of Lauderdale. It also has four endowment funds whose assets support programs, organizations and activities in St. Anthony Park. 

Submitted by Julie Drechsler, executive director of the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation.

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