SAP Library Assoc. celebrating Pi Day

By Kathy Henderson

March 14 is Pi Day and the St. Anthony Park Library Association will be participating in the hoopla.

Nope, that’s not a typo. It is pi (the math number) not pie, although both sound the same and Pi Day often becomes a lighthearted excuse to eat pie.

According to NASA, “The ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter is equal to pi, which is often rounded to 3.14.” Thus, pi is an easy connection to the 14th day in the third month, March 14.

Give this a try: Take an empty soup can or a pie plate and measure the distance around it (circumference). Measure directly across it (diameter). Divide the circumference by the diameter. The result, 3.14. The diameter fits three times around the circumference with a little left over.

Pi is not one of those concepts left behind and forgotten when junior high math class is over. As a mathematical constant number, pi is used in real-world science, architecture, manufacturing, engineering, farming and more.

However, in case you think Pi Day is just a commercial strategy to sell pies, its creation goes back to physicist Larry Shaw, who celebrated the first Pi Day in 1988.

In 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives officially recognized March 14 as National Pi Day, promoting math and science learning.

At St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church, 2323 Como Ave. a Pi/Pie Day forum, sponsored by the Library Association, is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. There will be pi/pie jokes, poems and songs to share on open mike.

Pi day will also include pies judged, plus more pies to share. A children’s (and adult) art table will feature creative pies. And neighbors are invited to bring a pie to share. Pie contestants should bring their baked goods to the church by 5 p.m. 

Kathy Henderson is a freelance writer for the Bugle. Rita La Doux, of the SAP Library Association, contributed to this report.

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