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Twin Cities German Immersion School

Submitted by Paige Yurczyk

Eighth graders hold exchange program

In September, eighth graders at the Twin Cities German Immersion School (TCGIS) hosted 38 students from three partner schools in northwestern Germany.

During the 14-day exchange, visiting German students experienced all things Minnesota: touring the Minnesota State Capi­tol and History Center, Wabasha Street caves, Mill City Museum, the Stone Arch bridge and the Mall of America. They also had numerous daily experiences such as family meals, after-school activities and trips up North.

In addition, German students attended classes with their TCGIS hosts, experiencing their language immersion school.

TCGIS eighth graders will now prepare for the next part of their exchange, visiting their German partners for two weeks next spring. Currently, TCGIS has one of the largest back-to-back exchange programs in the U.S. with 76 students participating from TCGIS and its three partner schools.

Bike week

TCGIS 4th graders worked hard to their “Fahrradführerschein” or “Bike License” in September.

In Germany, students traditionally earn their bike license in fourth grade after learning about traffic signs, right of way rules, and experiencing practical training on braking, gear shifting and riding next to cars.

TCGIS’ mission is to educate “the whole child,” and learning life skills like safe biking behaviors nurture students’ independence and self-reliance.

School offerings and highlights

For the 2023-2024 school year, TCGIS still has open spots in kindergarten and third through seventh grades. Students without previous German language skills are offered language-learning support.

For more information, go to Twin Cities German Immersion School at

Martinstag invitation

TCGIS invites you to celebrate St. Martin’s Day, or Martinstag.

The celebration will begin with a short program of singing, a performance from the TCGIS band and a reenactment of the St. Martin’s story, a story about sharing and social-justice.

Afterwards, TCGIS members will parade with their lanterns through the neighborhood, then return to school for the Capstone Exchange program bake sale. The public is invited to join in the festivities.

The celebration begins at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 9 at the school, 1031 Como Ave.

St. Anthony Park Elementary School

By Sarah CR Clark

Before classes began one Friday in October, regular Bugle contributor Sarah CR Clark asked students waiting in the breakfast line, “Imagine your family is having a big feast. For this feast YOU get to pick one food to cook and share. What would you cook?” Here are their responses:

  • corn on the cob — Asa, second grade
  • burgers — Roland, second grade
  • bariis — Ejabo, fifth grade
  • marshmallow fruit salad — Cleo, fifth grade, and Norah, fifth grade
  • sambusa — Mohamed, first grade
  • spaghetti — Vivian, fourth grade
  • chocolate chip pancakes — Ellery, second grade
  • mac and cheese — June, fourth grade
  • swedish meatballs — Hazel, fourth grade
  • bacon — Chase, fourth grade
  • mashed potatoes — Natalie, fifth grade
  • biryani — Inaaya, fourth grade
  • banana bread — LuLou, fifth grade
  • alfredo pasta — Siri, fifth grade and Lars, third grade
  • apple pie — Franklin, second grade and Bridget, first grade
  • pumpkin pie — Layla, first grade
  • hulbata — Muntaha, fifth grade
  • chicken nuggets — Ayan, fourth grade
Third and fourth-grade SAP Elementary students have been reflecting on the feelings they get from familiar spaces. Art teacher Mara Schriver explained, “These pieces are like a collage of places.” Schriver said this project was inspired by UK artist Shantelle Martin’s large-scale line drawings. Photo by Sarah CR Clark.

Murray Middle School

Murray students Sofia Patronski, Addie Nelson and Rachel Englund showed their History Day projects at an October National History Day teachers’ training session at the Minnesota History Center. Photo courtesy of Murray principal Jamin McKenzie.

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