By Sarah CR Clark

Murray Middle School

A new semester, more volunteers

Principal Jamin McKenzie reported that Murray is currently partnering with approximately 60 University of Minnesota students, led by Cheryl Olman, to support Murray students. In its third year, Classroom Partners volunteers collaborate with Murray teachers to help meet students’ academic needs.

McKenzie said, “Olman and her team at the U of M have been instrumental in helping to build and sustain this valued program. We are working to ensure that this partnership remains for many years to come.”

Murray’s Robotics Team

In January, the Robo Pilots competed against 25 other First Tech Challenge robotics teams (grades 7-12) in a tournament at Burnsville High School. It was the first tournament for all seven members of Murray’s team.

Principal McKenzie noted, “It took several months to get the robot running and programmed and we had a robot that won two rounds out of six. We had a lot of growth this season and should have a good base to build for next year.”

Twin Cities German Immersion School

TCGIS welcomes nine teacher-interns from Europe

Nine interns who are completing their teacher degrees in Germany have arrived at the Twin Cities German Immersion School and are sharing educational and cultural perspectives as well as language support to TCGIS students. They will be staying with host families through the end of the school year, learning about life and work in the United States.

Saint Anthony Park Elementary School

341,877 minutes spent reading!

After a two-year pandemic-related hiatus, the St. Anthony Park School Association’s annual Read-a-Thon returned in January in fine style!

The theme for this year’s two-week event was “Be A Reading Hero.” The fundraising event raised almost $20,000 to support enrichment programs at SAP Elementary and students far exceeded the cumulative reading goal of 195,000 minutes. To celebrate the success, Principal Karen Duke wore a superhero costume for an entire school day and each student was given a free book from Scholastic rewards points.

Sarah CR Clark is a resident of St. Anthony Park and a regular contributing writer to the Park Bugle.

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