St. Anthony Park Elementary School

Plant Sale

The St. Anthony Park School Association plant sale was a smashing success with the annual event raising $17,000 for the elementary school this year.

Nia Anderson, SAPSA treasurer, reported, “It was one of the most successful fundraisers we’ve had in recent memory. It goes without saying that this is a meaningful amount of money. In a typical year, this would have been about 25 percent of SAPSA spending for the school year.”

In a typical year, SAPSA funding supports, among other things, the school library, artist-in-­residence programs, tutoring and extracurricular student activities This year, most SAPSA funds provided fall school supplies to all St. Anthony Park families during distance learning.

Staff farewells

St. Anthony Park Elementary School will be saying farewell and congratulations to five retiring teachers and staff.

“We hope to be able to find a way to honor and bid farewell to them, along with the others who have left SAP during the pandemic of the past year and didn’t get a proper farewell,” said Principal Karen Duke.

Leaving June 2021:

Cathylynne Erickson, first-grade teacher

Susan Fredrickson, fifth-grade teacher

Jane Novak, school clerk

Courtney Oleen, art specialist

Leaving October 2021:

Kim Jeffers, first-grade teacher

Murray Middle School

History Day Celebration

Since 2006, Murray Middle School students have participated in History Day projects and research.

The theme for 2021 has been “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.” This year, students rose to the occasion and 41 students qualified for the state contest with 31 projects.

Murray students proceeded to collect: 8 honorable mentions, 6 state finalists, 3 topical prize winners and one National History Day Qualifier. This is the seventh consecutive year that a Murray student has qualified for National History Day. (See related story above on page 8 of the June Bugle).

—Sarah CR Clark

The preschool students of St. Anthony Park Community Nursery School spent the year studying water. One of the projects included a sculptured titled “Garbage Shark” which represents ocean pollution, particularly plastic. Photo courtesy of the nursery school.

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