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Como choir members traveled to New York City, where they performed with an ensemble choir at Carnegie Hall on March 17: The singers, shown at left, include Ryan Blesener, Luke Clark, McKenzie Clark, Hannah Cornish, Lily Coyne, Drew Davis-Johnson, Maddy Hickel, Janine Huynh, Max Inskeep, Maddie Kolias, Nguyen Le, Claire Marshall, Anders Sateren, Lauren Shannon, Tom Stinar, Medora Sweet, Ryan Thrasher, Sharon Uchegbu, Mai See Xiong and Leedra Yang.

Wallin scholars

Wallin Education Partners is pleased to announce its 2013 scholarship recipients from Como Park Senior High School: Sydnie Beecham, Victoria Lee, Hannah Stadler, Sharon Uchegbu and Pakhoua Vang. Each student will receive a total of $16,000—$4,000 a year for four years.

Hats off to Dar’s

Pizza The Como Park badminton team thanks Kevin Barrett from Dar’s Pizza and Ice Cream for another successful fundraiser. Thanks to his generosity and the girls’ work ethic, the badminton team raised more than $700 while scooping the tasty treats April 1. Barrett and his business have been a bastion of goodwill and neighborly support on Rice Street for more than 10 years.

Ten Como Park High School students and their teacher Eric Erickson met Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar during their visit to Washington, D.C., in March while participating in the annual Close Up Washington, D.C., program. Above, front row from left: Ernie Mantell, Sen. Klobuchar, Maci Bekele, Lizzy Moeller and Ka Yang. Back row, from left: Wyatt Johnson, Mikal Baschnagel, Ian Johnson, Joe Krivit, Ben Hartman, Medora Sweet and Eric Erickson.

Brain Bee winners

Congratulations to Nate Schermerhorn, Ellen Purdy, Isabella Ensz and Ritchie Gulner who placed in the state’s top 30 in the Minnesota Brain Bee this year. The Brain Bee is a competition fostering interest in neuroscience among teenagers. Como has participated in this program since its early years and has had many students move on to the state competition.

Two teachers awarded travel grants

Two Como Park teachers received Fund for Teachers Grants, which allows teachers to travel to enhance their teaching and curriculum. Suzanne Susens, an ELL and French teacher, will travel to Burma this summer, visiting sites as well as some of the refugee camps, where many of her students came from. Kita Her, a social studies teacher, will travel to Australia for three weeks to conduct a fieldwork study of the Hmong community to gain knowledge of their immigrant experience there. She will compile her research and upload information on St. Paul Public Schools’ social studies Wiki site to share with colleagues and community members.

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