Seminary Green Team installs bike repair station on Como Avenue

Paul Drees displays some of the tools that are part of Luther Seminary’s bike repair station on Como Avenue. Photo by Kristal Leebrick

St. Anthony Park just went up a notch in the bike-friendly world thanks to Luther Seminary’s student Green Team.

A new bike-repair station was installed on Como Avenue just west of Luther Place this summer. The station is part of the Green Team’s ongoing effort to create a more “ecologically conscious” infrastructure at the seminary, said Paul Drees, a member of the team.

Drees commutes on bike frequently from his home on Selby Avenue to classes at the seminary and his internship as a chaplain at United Hospital in downtown St. Paul. A flat tire on the way to Luther one day was the inspiration for the repair station, he said. “I figured there was a bike station within walking distance of the seminary,” he said. There wasn’t. “If there was something like this, I could have patched it.”

The bike-repair station on Como joins another station at Hampden Park off Raymond Avenue in South St. Anthony. The repair stations are a small step forward in developing a better bike infrastructure in this part of St. Paul, Drees said.

“Biking is something that helps everybody,” he said. “For bikers, it’s fun; it’s exercise. It helps cars because there is less traffic and it opens up more parking—and it’s cheap, especially if you can do your own maintenance with something like this.”

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