Setting course for the New Year 


As 2019 begins to unfold, the New Year holds all the promise of new adventures, ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks just as in all those prior years.  

Will this be the year that you make and keep some of those New Year’s resolutions? Will it be time of accomplishments long dreamed of? Will it be a period of transition, taking on new jobs and leaving old ones? Moving from one residence to another home? Building new friendships>

Each day and each month is what we make of it. A wise person once said that success is the accumulation of a lot of successful days. Not everything in our lives is within our control. But how we respond to the events, people and places that touch our lives is something that we can control. “Attitude is everything,” says one of my friends. 

What is your attitude about the New Year? What’s in store for you in 2019? In this issue of the Bugle, we preview some of the news we expect to see this year. 

Meanwhile, amateur writer Jerry Wynn, a Como Park resident for the past 40 years, shares his thoughts in the following poem about New Year’s remembered:  

New Year’s Remembered

As the sands in an hourglass,

Slip by so fast,

We live in the present,

And remember the past.

The cycle of days,

Has completed this year,

Does it bring you a smile

Or do you shed a tear?

Some use this time,

To make a resolution,

Hoping the change,

Is the ultimate solution.

We are who we are, 

For all to see,

Failures and successes,

Our history.

So when the ball drops,

It strikes midnight,

Those you love most,

You hold very tight.

As those sands in the hourglass,

Continue to fall,

It’s those loves in your life,

That first you recall.

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