Share your warm winter recipes, please

pieWe love stories. We love food. We love audience participation.

As we head into the dark days of winter, let’s light a fire and share some of our favorite holiday and winter recipes.

Send us instructions on how to make your prized sweet or savory dishes and the stories that go with them (Aunt Stella’s annual shipment of diminutive raisin pies, reduced to delicious crumbs by the time the postman delivered them to your door? Your favorite Festivus dish served every Dec. 23? The crispy homemade doughnuts your grandmother made each Hanukah?).

We’ll print recipes in the upcoming December and January issues of the Bugle. Our December issue comes out just before Thanksgiving (we need your recipe by Wednesday, Nov. 2) and our January issue comes out Dec. 20 (we need your recipe by Wednesday, Dec. 7).

Send your contributions or Editor, Park Bugle, P.O. Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108.

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