SilverSky Auto coming to Lauderdale

By Anne Holzman

Lauderdale city leaders have expressed strong support for a new business set to open at 2520 Larpenteur Ave. as soon as building renovations are completed.

Hunter Sonnek and Levi Drude-Hoff appeared at the Oct. 24 City Council meeting to introduce their business plan. SilverSky Auto will obtain salvaged vehicles at auctions, rebuild them and sell them to customers from their space at the back of the building.

The shop owners said they expect to handle about 15 vehicles annually, working on them two or three at a time inside the building.

They said a “skate” mechanism will allow them to work safely indoors, moving the vehicles without starting the engines.     

The young men said they’re keeping the effort modest because of limited available work hours. They expect to do this work mostly evenings and weekends.

City staff said the business complies with all of the conditions for the light-industrial zone and a public hearing is routine to make sure benchmarks about parking, safety, and emissions are being met. No one from the public spoke at the hearing.

The building is owned by Brait Commercial of Edina. A renovation has been underway there and appears to be nearing completion.

 Council members noted that there have been “problems” including “parties” at that location and they are glad to have a new occupant.

Closing the hearing, Mayor Mary Gaasch said, “We’re really excited to welcome you as neighbors.” The council gave unanimous support to the effort and directed staff to bring a conditional use permit for approval at a November meeting.  

Anne Holzman is a Bugle freelance writer who covers Lauderdale government news.

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