St. Anthony Park Area Seniors — SAPAS– on June 14 when more than 200 people joined us at Giggles’ Campfire Grill on the State Fairgrounds for our Sippin’ Suds for SAPAS benefit. Beer and cider from 11 local breweries were sampled, local musicians played, cheese curds and sliders and other delicious snacks were consumed, a silent auction was held, and many generations of neighbors compared notes and relaxed together on a beautiful June afternoon.

We are thankful to all of you who joined us at the benefit to show your support. We’re especially grateful to the generous donors of auction items and to all of the breweries who came with delicious beer and cider: Bauhaus Brew Labs, Burning Brothers, Excelsior, Fair State Brewing Coop, Insight, Lake Monster, Lucette, Summit, Sociable Ciderwerks, Tin Whiskers, and the Urban Growler.

SAPAS was born in 1981 as the St. Anthony Park Block Nurse program, a pioneering, first-of-its kind organization in Minnesota and an example across the nation. The mission now of SAPAS is to maintain independence and interdependence for seniors and their caregivers in our area through the collaborative efforts of professional staff, volunteers and contracted nursing services, all working together to integrate health and social services, community activities, education and advocacy.

We are beginning to implement our new strategic plan formulated after holding community focus groups last fall. Our goals include seeking solutions for senior housing, greater transportation and walkability, support for caregivers and, of course, at-home living assistance.

Those issues are critical to the future vitality of our neighborhood.

The SAPAS vision will work if our team of volunteers and other supporters continues to grow and engage with the issues facing those who are aging, i.e., all of us.

To learn more about SAPAS, go to Thank you again for your support and for keeping St. Anthony Park, Lauderdale and Falcon Heights great places to live.

 Anna Haubrich, SAPAS chair, on behalf of the entire SAPAS board of directors and staff

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