Some words about your editor

By Helen Warren

A half century, 50 years, is more than half a human lifetime. Besides living and breathing, most of us fill our time on earth with a craft or career.

We keep doing what we do because we know how to do it and because it pays the bills. If we are lucky, it also brings a sense of achievement or pleasure that keep us going.

Recently, the Minnesota Newspaper Association inducted Park Bugle editor Scott Carlson into its Half Century Club. Scott has been a professional journalist for 50 years.

After nearly 20 years as a business reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Scott has served in a variety of positions assisting commercial firms, non-profits and government agencies to clarify and effectively advocate their products and interests.

Like many journalists, Scott has learned to navigate the “gig economy,” contracting his services to organizations on a freelance basis. He’s been the editor of the Park Bugle for five and a half years.

Scott’s experience demonstrates that longevity does not result from doing the same thing in the same way for decades. Instead, you generate staying power by learning to adapt, to experiment, to try new things. Resilience in the face of fundamental change is what members of the Half Century Club have in common.

As he has weathered 50 years of turbulence, Scott has relied on anchors, enduring principles that keep him upright and steady. He puts his faith in well-told stories, grounded in fact and animated by human interest. He’s judicious about his choices as a writer and editor.

He also has what my father, an Associated Press editor, used to call “a healthy disrespect” for powerful, overbearing people and organizations.

He’s curious about people’s motives and conscious of their vulnerabilities. He doesn’t confront or pity them. He asks them simple questions, the ones his readers have on their minds.

And he reports the answers as fairly and fully as he can. He lets his readers decide what to think about them.

Fifty years is a big milestone. Let’s wish Scott the best as he looks ahead to the next issue of the Park Bugle. 

Helen Warren lives in St. Anthony Park and is the presiding officer of the Park Bugle board of directors.

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