South Como recycling day moves to Monday

Eureka Recycling will begin picking up South Como residents’ recycling on Mondays, starting Jan. 6.

South Como residents—who live in the area between Lexington Avenue and Dale Street, south of Maryland Avenue and north of the railroad tracks near the Pierce Butler Route—are leaving District 6 and becoming part of District 10 in January.

The South Como area will have its last Wednesday collection on Thursday, Jan. 2 (the Wednesday collection will be delayed due to the New Year’s Day holiday).

If you are unsure if your residence is in the redefined District 10, would like stickers for your calendar to help remember your new recycling day or have any questions about this or any other area of waste reduction and recycling, call Eureka Recycling’s Zero-Waste Hotline at 651-222-7678 or email

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