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District 10

Food scrap recycling update

Como food scraps and organics recyclers rejoice! The new 1115 Beulah Lane organics recycling site enclosure is now completed. The new site is just 250 feet down the road from the old site.

Want to become a food scraps recycler? The District 10 office has food scraps recycling starter kits to help you. Email to arrange to pick one up at the Historic Streetcar Station, 1224 Lexington Parkway N.

New Como Park Steward Program

The Como Park Steward Program began in July, providing an opportunity for individuals, families, schools, churches, clubs and others to volunteer and help keep our regional treasure welcoming for all.

You can choose an area on the Como steward program map to adopt and care for. Pick your favorite area to walk, run or bike or that you have a special connection to, even in memory of someone special.

Stewards help keep their park areas clean and work with city departments to report tree and natural damage, graffiti, safety and other concerns.

Volunteers are asked to make a minimum one year commitment to the program, visiting their chosen sites twice a month. (Some parcels may be allowed more than one steward, depending on commitment levels.)

The District 10 Environment Committee is conducting the Como Park stewards program with St. Paul Parks and Recreation. Check the District 10 website ( for more information about how to sign up.

District 10 election update

A special election to fill two District 10 board vacancies was held in July. Como community members elevated sitting Sub-District 4 board member Benjamin Kowalsky-­Grahek to the vice chairman seat and elected new board member Alex McLean to the Sub-District 1 seat.

Both seats will be on the ballot again at next year’s District 10 annual meeting.

An August special election was scheduled to fill Kowalsky-­Grahek’s former Sub-District 4 seat. Results were too late for this issue of the Bugle.

Citywide drop-off event returns

The District 10 Community Council is again partnering with the City of St. Paul to organize a citywide drop-off event from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sept. 18, at the State Fairgrounds for residents to properly dispose of large refuse items and recyclable materials not collected via the regular residential recycling program.

For further information, contact District 10 at or call 651-644-3889.

Upcoming District 10 meetings:

Renters, homeowners and other community members are always welcome to participate in District 10’s board and committee meetings. You can join either by video conference or by phone.

To obtain links or other access information, send a request by email to: Or call 651-644-3889.

Land Use: Wednesday, Sept. 1

Neighborhood Relations: Tuesday, Sept. 7

Environment: Tuesday, Sept. 14

Board meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 21

All meetings begin at 7 p.m. Whenever possible, agendas and other relevant documents are posted in advance in the “Board News” section of District 10’s website:

Submitted by Shevek McKee, District 10 Como Community Council executive director.

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