St. Anthony Park: Meet District 12’s student apprentice

The District 12 Community Council welcomes Claire Mathews-Lingen, who will be working with the council weekly throughout the year. She is the first student community representative for the new Civic Stewardship Apprentice Program (CSAP).

Mathews-Lingen said she’s eager to delve into the world of civic work. The Avalon School sophomore hopes to work in local-level politics one day, perhaps as a city councilperson. The national level partisan playground is less appealing, she said.

“I like the idea of being able to change things and actually interact with community members,” she said. She became passionate about social justice issues during the state Marriage Equality campaign in 2013, where she helped with phone banking, she said.

Environmental issues are another point of interest for Mathews-Lingen, who said she looks forward to helping with the District 12 Environment Committee. Read more about her at

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