St. Anthony Park: MPCA report shows slight elevations of air pollution

A report on the results of a 2016 study of air quality in St. Anthony Park has been published online by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The state agency monitored select air pollutants for 12 months from a location at 2265 Robbins St., a mixed residential and industrial area that is close to Highway 280.

The study found that air pollution levels measured in St. Anthony Park are similar to levels measured at other Twin Cities-area sites, but levels of total suspended particulate matter — including soot, dust, aerosols, fumes and mist —and some metals and volatile organic compounds were slightly elevated compared to other sites. Arsenic, cobalt and formaldehyde were also above the health benchmarks. All other air toxics were below health benchmarks, the report says.

You can read the report at


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