St. Paul garbage plan under way

St. Paul Public Works’ new “All- In” citywide garbage service will begin Oct. 1, but there’s a bit of paperwork to be done first.

The city mailed out informational brochures to residents May 9. A second mailing — a postcard — outlines the cart sizes and service levels. A postcard with instructions for how property owners can notify the city of their chosen service level was mailed to residents shortly after. The postcard includes a special Cart Selection ID for each residence. To select their cart size and service level, St. Paul residents can use one of three options:

• Return the completed postcard with the selection (prepaid business reply postage).

• Visit a special website to enter your choice online.

• Or call the phone number printed on the postcard to communicate your choice directly to a customer-service representative.

The deadline to provide this information to the city is June 1. If the city does not hear from property owners by June 1, the property will be assigned a cart size and service level.

Cart choices will be confirmed in August, when all property owners will receive information in the mail with specific service-level details, hauler information, and their designated pick-up day.

Starting in mid-August and continuing throughout the month of September, new garbage carts will be delivered to property owners. As the new service begins, garbage haulers will remove old garbage carts to recycle and reuse them as they are able. More details about the cart transition will be available in August.

The city is dividing service among 11 haulers. Each hauler will handle every single-family home, duplex and apartment building (up to four units) within a designated geographic area. For most of the city, trash and recycling will be picked up on the same day. Residents have four service options. The prices include taxes and other fees:

• 35-gallon cart, picked up every other week: $20.28 per month

• 35-gallon cart, picked up every week: $23.44 per month

• 64-gallon cart, picked up every week: $32.03 per month

• 95-gallon cart, picked up every week: $34.15 per month

Bills will be sent quarterly. Property owners are responsible for the bill. In addition, an administrative fee of $24.60 per year will be added to property-tax bills.

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