St. Paul wants your input on trash collection

The City of St. Paul is asking city residents to give their input on whether or not the city should move to an organized trash-collection system.

Currently, St. Paul has an open system of trash collection where residents contract individually with private haulers. This means several haulers could work in the same city block.

In an organized system, one or multiple trash haulers would be authorized to collect trash from a specific service area. The St. Paul City Council has stated that if the city moves to an organized collection system, the city would maintain opportunities for small, local, minority- and womenowned garbage haulers and support living-wage jobs.

The council is asking city residents to provide input on which benefits they value most. The comment period will close in April. In May, information collected from residents will be presented to the city council.

You can take the survey at You can also learn more about this at utilities/organized-trash-collection.

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