Still here and going strong!

By Gabrielle Lawrence

The Park Bugle has been an institution in this community for over 45 years.

Our non-profit, community newspaper is managed by a volunteer board of directors and operates with a part-time managing editor, a part-time office manager, contracted production, design and web services, commission ad reps and freelance writers and photographers. The paper is supported by local businesses and a loyal base of donors, and this strong community support has kept the paper going. We’re still here!

Print newspapers were going out of business before the pandemic, succumbing to losses in advertising revenue, subscription declines and delivery issues. There has been a new wave of closures statewide, with some estimating that between 200 and 300 additional newspapers statewide will close by the end of 2020.

In particular, small community newspapers, even including the Highland Villager, are struggling.

The Park Bugle responded to these challenges. We moved from a home delivery model to a mailed paper. We decreased payroll expenses by contracting for services when possible. We’ve increased our fundraising efforts. And we are still here.

The pandemic has changed how we shop, visit friends, keep our medical appointments, go to school, care for our elderly parents and how we gather as a community. The Park Bugle is changing as well: We are streamlining our governance, creating more online content and partnering with others to fulfill our mission.

Stay with us!

Gabrielle Lawrence, who lives in St. Anthony Park, is the 2020-2021 chairperson of the Park Bugle’s board of directors.

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