Friends and neighbors, with an upcoming St. Paul City Council election, I wanted to share my confidence that re-electing Amy Brendmoen is our best choice as I attribute so much of the progress of St. Paul to her leadership. Amy’s energy, passion for our community, and solution-­oriented approach resonate with my ideal public official.

I met Amy when she knocked on my door in the spring of 2015. I presented her with a challenge I faced as a coach at Como Park High School. She assured me she was able and willing to help. To have my City Council member actively solve a fundraising challenge so we can provide equitable athletic programming was the first of many times I’ve reached out to her and found her engagement exceptional. To have such a responsive partnership with our neighborhood leadership is a blessing that I appreciate.

Since that first project, Amy provided essential support with the construction and new facilities at our community high school. She’s proven she cares about the little things in our neighborhood with her willingness to support our student athletes. She understands how to connect and build relationships to move our city forward.

I know the same caring person who cheers for student athletes works day and night to address the bigger challenges our city faces. Her vision is building a better St. Paul for my children by investing in infrastructure, schools, and housing solutions, while providing answers in real time to address public safety concerns.

Like Amy, I believe our city is a great place and is moving in the right direction. She has earned my trust and confidence—and my vote.

— Jonah Fields
St. Anthony Park

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  1. Ken Rowe

    Mr. Field’s impression of Amy Brendmoen comes from an era which no longer exists. Since 2015 Amy Brendmoen has burned the bridges with the local businesses who donated the funds and equipment Mr. Field needed. From what I hear from the local businesses who donated in the past, they will not support those who support the re-election of Amy Brendmoen.

    If Amy Brendmoen really supported the schools and student athletes, why would she take up-skirt pictures of cheerleaders, post them to social media and “slut- shame” the poor girl?
    Amy Brendmoen was warned, back in February of this year about the rise in gun violence in the city. She denied there was a problem and even called her constituents “trolls” and “divisive” for voicing their concerns.

    Amy Brendmoen treats her position as a monarchy. She believes she is able to do whatever she wants, and the city charter, state and constitutional laws don’t apply to her. Google “Black Bear Crossing” and you’ll find the city paying $800,000 of our tax money because she and her husband illegally violated a contract between the restaurant and the city. The current situation we have with the failed garbage program is another one of her unconstitutional acts.

    We need representation who hasn’t burned the bridges and is supported by local businesses. We need someone who is proud of our local schools and who’s children ACTUALLY ATTENDED THEM. We need someone who cares for everyone in the community and doesn’t reduce the number of police officers in the city while demanding more patrols for her own neighborhood. We need someone who is concerned about public safety throughout the city. Someone who believes in fiscal responsibility. Someone who doesn’t want to increase taxes $100 million over the next 7 years like Amy Brendmoen has done. We need Jamie Hendricks.

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