Among all the elections in 2020, there’s one especially important to us in legislative District 66A where Representative Alice Hausman is seeking re-election. During her years in the Minnesota House, Alice has delivered on so many issues important to Minnesota’s future.

Remember the early battles on sustainable energy, Alice played a key role in passing legislation to move utility companies to wind and solar power. Then after decades of no action on public transportation, Alice led the fight to bring light rail to the Twin Cities.

And when the University of Minnesota had given up on a new Bell Museum, it was Alice Hausman, who in the words of the Star Tribune “demonstrated the good that can be wrought . . . by the persistence of one skillful legislator.”

And just last spring it was Alice Hausman who succeeded in passing a bipartisan housing bonding bill to address homelessness in Minnesota. Time and again, and issue after issue—human  rights, climate change, education—Alice has made a difference. Let’s keep her working for us. Please go to your precinct caucus February 25 and caucus for Alice Hausman.

Ann Wynia

(Editor’s note: The writer is a former DFL state representative who served portions of St. Paul in the 1970s and 1980s)

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