Dear Editor,

I am writing to encourage all Falcon Heights residents to join me in voting for Paula Mielke for city council Nov. 7.

Paula’s credentials are long and impressive. She currently is the chair of the Falcon Heights State Fair Taskforce, a much-needed antidote to the headaches the fair brings to our city but which, with minor tweaks to city ordinances, can make it more tolerable while we welcome up to two million people over 12 days.

She is on the city’s Park and Recreation Commission., She spent nine years on the Ramsey County Library Board. She was a small business owner and knows how to read a budget.

Most significantly, when a St. Anthony police officer killed Philando Castile in our city in 2016, she channeled her revulsion and anger into forming a grassroots group of other Falcon Heights residents to push the city council to take action to change the way policing is done in our city so that it is fair and just for all.

Paula loves Falcon Heights. Love her back with your vote.

Chuck Laszewski
Falcon Heights

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