I support incumbents Jim Vue and Jeannie Foster for the St. Paul Public School Board. Jim is running for another four-year term and Jeannie is running for the two-year term. Here’s why I urge you to vote for them:

Jeannie is the current chair of the board and Jim, vice chair. Both are leaders in advancing ethnic studies curriculum, creating safer upgraded school environments, re-imagining an equitable and sustainable use of buildings and programs through “Envision SPPS” and managing the enormous task of maintaining academic and supportive services to our students and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

They also represent and are deeply connected to traditionally underrepresented racial and geographic communities whose success is critical to the future of St. Paul.

These unprecedented times of challenge and change for our schools require proven decision makers who have been at the table, understand the complexities and can provide the strong, collaborative leadership necessary to turn difficult solutions into successful outcomes for all our kids.

Please vote for Jeannie Foster and Jim Vue. Experience matters!

Jon Schumacher
St. Anthony Park, former St. Paul School Board member

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