As parents, grandparents of former and or current St. Paul Public Schools students or active citizens with more than 125 years of experience with the district (including several years as Murray Junior High School Assistant Principal), we strongly recommend voting for Jim Vue to remain on the SPPS School Board. Jim recently was appointed to serve the term of Marny Xiong. He’s running to finish that term.

Why Jim? He’s the only candidate with four youngsters in SPPS. He’s the only one with a student with special needs in SPPS. This gives him important insights. He’s the only one who has been on a district-wide committee representing a huge SPPS constituency (Asian-Americans). He sees the strengths and shortcomings of how district administration deals with families and students.

He wants the district to move more rapidly to deal with issues. He has concrete ideas about how to attract more students to SPPS. He’s deeply committed to greater equity in opportunity and positive results.

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Tonya Draughn, Tina and Mo Fahnestock, Sunny Kase, JoAnn and Joe Nathan,
Scott Sands and Chong Yang Thao

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