Teachers say “thank you”

On behalf of the members of the St. Paul Federation of Educators at St. Anthony Park Elementary, we would like to send a heartfelt “thank you” to the St. Anthony Park community for their support during the educator strike March 10-12.

During those three days, we felt the love from the community. Families brought coffee, donuts, fruit and other snacks and beverages to keep us nourished both physically and emotionally. Students made homemade signs of support and joined us on the picket line often leading the rallying chants. These actions truly warmed our hearts and confirmed to us that the community supports its educators, schools and, most of all, its students.

The strike resulted in small gains in mental health supports in schools, added multi-lingual staff to support students and lower caseloads for special education teachers. We hope to continue to work with the district to improve the educational setting for all students. We know St. Anthony Park is a community that values education. We would like to send you a sincere thank you for your support!

Nichola Phillips
SAP Elementary School teacher

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