Thank you to the volunteers who help publish the Bugle

It’s worth reminding our readers that the Park Bugle is a nonprofit newspaper published by Park Press Inc., a board of volunteers from the communities we serve. Board members generally commit to three-year terms and serve on various committees that oversee the general operations of the paper.

September brings changes to Park Press. Two board members—Jan Sedgewick and Ann Fendorf of St. Anthony Park—both of whom spent the last six years lending their expertise to help navigate the Bugle through some tough economic times, have ended their terms. Lynn Abrahamsen of Lauderdale, who served two terms as board president, will stay on the board in an advisory capacity through December. We thank these three board members for their time and immense talents.

Park Press welcomes four new board members who will take the helm this month. They are Gabrielle Lawrence of St. Anthony Park, Amy Schoch of Como Park, Elizabeth Danielson of Falcon Heights and Deborah Cushman, who works with the Minnesota Literacy Council in St. Anthony Park. This paper owes its longevity to the dozens of volunteers who have governed the operations of the Bugle since its inception in 1974 and the establishment of its nonprofit status in 1975. Welcome to our new board members.

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