Thanks to our community-spirited advertisers, we are still here

It is easy to take community assets for granted. This is the time of year when many of those assets—our local nonprofit organizations, the Bugle included—are asking for your support.

But there are many community assets we often overlook as we head into this season of giving and spending. Imagine what our community would be without the local businesses that make our lives easier and richer because they are here.

Yes, the Bugle does need your financial help to continue our mission of being one of those community assets that make our lives here just a little more pleasant, but we ask that you take some time with this issue of the paper and look at every advertisement on these 24 pages. Now go out and support those businesses and services—our neighbors—that offer the things you need.

Support the Bugle’s advertisers, and thank them for supporting the Bugle, because without those community-spirited businesses, organizations and individuals, this 44-year-old nonprofit newspaper would not exist.

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  1. Kristal Leebrick

    Just sent you an email. The information for advertising is at the bottom of the Home page under Advertising.

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