The Bugle—
in my mailbox?

Very soon, the Bugle will no longer be dropped on your doorstep. It will arrive in your mailbox!

How will that happen?

Households within the shaded area of the map will automatically receive the Bugle in their mailbox. No action is needed if you live within the shaded area.

If you do not live within the shaded area on the map, there are four ways that you can continue to read the Bugle.

• Pick up. The Bugle will still be available free for pick-up at an expanded number of local retail or public sites.

• Opt in. This option is available to households in the striped area of the map. People in these areas can opt-in to have the Bugle mailed at no charge. To Opt In, go to and look for the OPT IN button. Or send your name, address-within-the-striped-area, and the note “Opt In!” to Park Bugle, P.O. Box 8126, St. Paul, MN 55108.

Subscribe. Households everywhere else in the U.S. can pay $30 for a yearly mail subscription. Sign up online at, or send your payment, name and mailing address to the address above.

• Read online. The Bugle is available free online at, plus Bugle updates can be found on Facebook.

The Bugle — adapting to bring you your local news!

—The Bugle board of directors

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