The Bugle needs your financial support

For more than 40 years, the Park Bugle has been the trusted source of news and information for our neighborhoods. Not only has it won numerous awards for coverage of local news, many of us eagerly await its arrival on our doorstep every month. It’s a rare month that I don’t learn something new about the people, places, businesses, institutions and history that make our community such a unique place to live and work.

You might not realize that the Bugle is a nonprofit organization that relies on the financial support of our neighbors to continue to serve our community. While advertising revenues cover some costs, donations from our readers form an important part of the funding needed to produce, publish and deliver the paper free to 14,500 homes and businesses and to help beef up our online presence. Many neighborhoods have lost their community newspapers in recent years, so it’s more important than ever for each of us to help sustain this important resource.

Whether you live in Como Park, as I do, or the other neighborhoods the Bugle serves—St. Anthony Park, Falcon Heights and Lauderdale—I hope you will join hundreds of our neighbors in becoming a financial supporter of the Bugle. There is a return envelope inserted with this issue for your donation, or you can click on the “Donate Now” button in the upper right-hand corner of this page to give online.

Together, with your financial support, we’re confident that the Bugle can continue to be part of our community conversations in the years ahead.

Ted W. Blank Fundraising chair, Park Press Inc., publisher of the Park Bugle

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