The elementary view: An icy problem

By Sammy Schroeder and Silvi Leanio


Editor’s note: On the first snowy recess of this school year, second grade students Silvi Leanio and Sammy Schroeder discovered their favorite play area was covered in slippery ice. While no one was hurt that day, the two friends were concerned for their classmates.

Their concern was compounded when, after the same snowfall, a car slid into the building at Como and Doswell avenues.

“We like big, exciting things to happen in the neighborhood,” Schroeder said. “But not big things when people could get hurt.”

They wrote up some ice safety tips for Bugle readers to consider this winter.

Ice safety at home
By Sammy Schroeder

To prevent falling on ice at home, put pet-safe salt or grit on the ground. If possible, shovel frequently to scrape off the ice.

Also, to be extra safe, install lights by your walkway to see the ice at night. Never look away from the ground if it’s very icy. If you’re in a car, drive slow and keep an extra, good eye on the road.

Ice safety at school
By Silvi Leanio

On icy days, for school children who are playing on the playground, the rocks-and-logs play area and other recess areas present a major problem; they could slip, fall and get hurt.

Every student should be safe. So if you are a teacher, custodian or another person who can help, please ask students to stay off of icy areas. Salt icy areas down. Whatever you do, please help keep our friends safe.

Despite their concerns about ice, both Leanio and Schroeder enjoy winter. “It’s my favorite season because there are no mosquitos,” Leanio confessed.

“In the summer I want winter, and in the winter I want summer,” explained Schroeder, giggling. Both girls enjoy snow fort building and (ironically?) ice skating.  

Sammy Schroeder and Silvi Leanio, second-grade students at St. Anthony Park Elementary School, wrote this with assistance from Bugle freelance writer Sarah CR Clark.

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