Thomas “Tommy” Thompson, 73, of Lauderdale, died Nov. 3, 2022.

Born Jan. 2, 1949, to Warren and Eleanor Thompson, he graduated from Alexander Ramsey High School. As a young man, he began work at Waterous Company in South St. Paul and retired from there in 2011.

He was very proud of his work and was well-liked by his coworkers. Tommy organized the Waterous bowling league, as well as a golf league. He continued to run these activities for several years after retirement, and he shared great times with friends there.

He married Lynn Wolf Oct. 13, 1975. Their daughter, Jennifer, was born in June 1978. Tommy was an engaged dad, who took his daughter on special trips.

In 1986 he moved in with his mother after he and Lynn separated, then subsequently divorced. His mother was a great support as he adjusted to the change. For a man who adored fatherhood, the custody arrangements of the ’80s must have been difficult as he could only parent Jennifer every other weekend.

Tommy and his mom made the best of their time with Jennifer, taking her on family road trips, eating meals together and even playing Nintendo.

Then, as Tommy’s mother aged, he continued to support and care for her in her home until just after she turned 102 in 2020, when she moved to Lyngblomsten to receive skilled nursing care.

He then stayed in her home until May of this year tirelessly working, along with his sisters, to go through the family home to ready it for sale.

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