Update on Como/Doswell development

The apartment development at Como and Doswell avenues is moving forward. A height variance and rezoning request for an 18-foot stretch of land on the eastern edge of the property to adhere to required setbacks was requested and approved by the District 12 community council. The apartment complex will have 25 units—16 two-bedroom and nine one-bedroom—and will be four stories. Construction is expected to begin in the fall.

2 Responses

  1. John Betancourt

    Sounds like good responsible development to me — in a commercial zone — not a high-rise or something out of the vernacular of our neighborhood.

    No old growth trees will be removed (unlike the new single family home on the corner of Como and Valentine where FIVE OLD GROWTH OAKS WERE REMOVED — with possibly two more now failing). Old growth trees define are neighborhood more than anything else.

    Not everyone can afford a single family home in our lovely neighborhood. Renters will also add value to our neighborhood and our local economy.

    We also have an aging population that may want to stay in the neighborhood that they’ve lived in all their lives, and find that it’s time to switch to an apartment.

  2. Briana Nash

    This is incredibly disappointing! We have 2 blocks for small businesses in our community and we’re eating that space up with obnoxious, new apartments, taking away from the charm of our unique neighborhood.

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