Most of you, I am pretty sure, agree that our climate is in peril.

But are you aware that our U.S. military is the world’s largest institutional consumer of petroleum products and the single largest institutional emitter of toxic greenhouse gasses in the world?

I invite you to view and discuss the Veterans For Peace “Climate Crisis & Militarism” presentation from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., Saturday, Feb.11, at the St. Anthony Park Library’s community room. Masks and safety precautions will be taken per St. Paul Library regulations.

The U.S. military releases more carbon pollution than many countries and also causes a great deal of environmental degradation from chemical and radioactive pollution.

While addressing the U.S. military’s role will not solve the crisis, the crisis will not be resolved without it being addressed.

I believe that humans must turn away from violence and war if we want to save our species and planet from doom.

I am a 27-year resident of St. Anthony Park and a member of Veterans For Peace Climate Crisis and Militarism working group. We want to bring this topic to as many groups as possible, especially environmental groups. Please come Feb. 11 and also bring others. Encourage your environmental, church and neighborhood groups, your legislators and others to contact me to arrange a presentation.

Thanks for helping us to further spread this important information. Our lives depend on it.

Barry Riesch, St. Anthony Park

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