Website aims to point families to metro-area fun all year long

family-funSummer break is fast approaching, and with it, that dreaded complaint, grumbled by kids of all ages: I’m booooooooored. There are only so many times you can throw everyone in the van and go look at giraffes.

Family Fun Twin Cities to the rescue.

The website——formed by three moms desperate to keep their broods entertained year round, offers recommendations on mostly free or low-cost ideas for keeping kids busy and happy. From Children’s Theater plays to child-friendly coffee shops, FFTC is a great resource for metro area families.

Anne Kingston, Gianna Kordatzky and Joy Peters each had their own blog, chronicling their various adventures with their little ones, when they decided to join forces.

“Our own blogs were more of a holding place of ideas of what to do with our kids; it was for ourselves,” Kingston said. “With Family Fun Twin Cities, it evolved more into being a helpful resource for all families instead of just recording our own memories.”

The website’s event calendar and directory are its biggest draw. Events can range from a water fest in St. Paul to a listing of fun birthday party locales around the Twin Cities or a review of an indoor playground in Eagan.

Kingston, who grew up in the Como neighborhood, says the team tries to cover as much of the metro area as possible, because if there is one thing that unites all parents, it’s the challenge of restless kids.


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