Wendy Diane DeBoer was born June 16, 1959, in St. Paul and died May 19, 2023, at her home in Maplewood. She was the fourth of five children born to Wendell and Marjorie (Rockwell) DeBoer. Her first name was chosen after she arrived on her father’s 35th birthday.

She grew up in St. Anthony Park, but moved into a group home for the developmentally disabled when she was 15. Despite limited verbal abilities, Wendy’s favorite activity was listening to popular music and watching musicals.

Wendy worked at a day activity center for more than 30 years, retiring at age 59. She enjoyed getting together with family for holidays and special events and looked forward to weekend visits with her parents every two weeks until their passing.

She is survived by her four siblings: Steve (Gail) DeBoer of Rochester, Minnesota; Dave (Elisa) DeBoer of Manchester, Missouri.; Sharon (Leonard) Duban of Waterville, Minnesota.; and Bob (Katie) DeBoer of St. Paul. She was preceded in death by her parents, Marjorie and Wendell DeBoer, both in 2014. They were members of St. Anthony Park United Church of Christ for nearly 60 years. Wendell held various positions at the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.

Memorials to The Arc Minnesota.

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