Editor’s note: With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, Bugle freelance writer Sarah CR Clark recently asked students at St. Anthony Park Elementary School what they are thankful for. She collected answers in the school hallways before the start of classes.

Student artwork adorns the hallways of St. Anthony Park Elementary School. Here are three samples. Photos by Sarah CR Clark.

• Lars, age 7: Lunch.

• Skye, age 8: My family.

• Soren, age 7: Winter’s coming. I like to build snowmen!

• Violet, age 9: A home.

• Mohamed, age 8: My family.

• Lyle, 8: School.

• Norah, age 9: Cold weather.

• Yassin, age 7: Being happy.

• Ila, age 7: My family

• Malachi, age 9: My parents.

• Kaden, age 9: To be alive.

• Guadalupe, age 10: Video games.

• Emma, age 7: My family.

• William, 9: My mom.

• Sasha, age 5: My cat.

•  Joaquin, 6: Food.

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